Fly and plan missions live with a gamepad controller.

[note] This is a Beta feature! As you use and test this feature please share your feedback with your Skydio team. [/note]

Supported gamepad controllers

Most controllers with standard mapping should work with Skydio Remote Flight Deck, however the following controllers have been tested and confirmed to work with Skydio:

Additionally, you may also try flying with a PS4 or alternative XBox controller. If you do try using an alternative controller we’d love your feedback!

How to enable flight with a gamepad controller

Step 1 - Connect your gamepad to your computer using a USB cable or pair to your computer via Bluetooth

    • Skydio Cloud will automatically recognize the controller
    • If a controller is paired you can still fly using keyboard inputs. If the keyboard and controller are used simultaneously, Skydio Cloud will respect the controller input over the keyboard

Step 2 - Configure your gamepad settings in the settings menu


    • Choose your control mode
    • Configure your sensitivity settings

[note] Settings will remain for the current browser tab session [/note]

Step 3 - Fly!

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