Getting started with Skydio Dock and Remote Ops requires setting up a network in your Cloud organization.

Quick Steps

  1. Confirm that your network meets the network requirements
  2. Add networks to your Skydio Cloud account
  3. Select the Settings menu and the Network tab and Add New Network
  4. Input SSID and password
  5. Drag the network box to prioritize
  6. Connect Skydio Dock to the Internet

[note]WPA-PSK (Personal) networks are supported. WPA-Enterprise networks are not yet supported[/note]

Network Requirements

If you are accessing your organization's wireless network, please work with your system administrator to ensure that the following requirements are addressed.

Network meets required internet speeds

Up and down minimum speeds

  • 5 mbps - required to support basic Remote Flight Deck experience
  • 10 mbps - required to support good performance in Remote Flight Deck
  • 20 mbps - required to support optimal performance in Remote Flight Deck


  • < 100 ms - required to support basic Remote Flight Deck experience
  • < 50 ms - required to support good performance in Remote Flight Deck
  • < 20 ms - required to support optimal performance in Remote Flight Deck

Visit How to Perform a Network Speed Test for instructions detailing how to perform a sustained speed test.

[note] Skydio Streaming and remote flight will stream at 720p if the connection speed allows. The stream quality will be automatically reduced or increased based on the connection. [/note]

Network is WPA2-PSK compatible
  • WPA2-PSK (WPA2 Personal) networks using an SSID and password are compatible

  • WPA2-Enterprise networks are NOT compatible

  • we do not currently support networks without passwords

Network is visible and accessible
  • Unhide wireless network
  • Turn off media access control (MAC) address filtering:
      • if you need to connect to a network that uses MAC filtering, contact Skydio support to obtain the MAC to address for your drone
Network can access Skydio
Other recommended settings
  • set Channel width to 20 MHz
  • enable 6 Mbps in the data rates tab

Firewall Requirements

Skydio Remote Ops uses several domains and ports for real-time visibility and live streaming. If you have any issues, ensure the following domains and ports are allowed by your firewall.

Protocol Port Destination
ICMP, DNS 7, 53 N/A (
TCP/UDP 443 *
UDP 50000-60000 *
TCP 7881 *
TCP 51334 *
TCP 322 *
TCP 443 *
TCP 443 *
TCP 443
TCP 443
UDP 123 *


5 GHz Drones

If your Skydio drone has a 5 GHz radio, and you plan to use the WiFi Network Vehicle Connectivity option, ensure that it is connected to a 5 GHz wireless network:

    • disable Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS)
    • disable channels: 50-150 inclusive
    • disable the UNII-2 bands 
    • Supported 5 GHz channels: 36, 40, 44, 48, 149, 153, 157, 161, 165

Standard 5GHz networks include a set of channels, known as UNII-2, used for weather radar systems. To avoid conflict with these systems, a device that operates on these channels is required to implement Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS). Skydio drones do not support 5 GHz wifi networks on U-NII-2 per the United States Federal Communications Commission regulations.

For more information visit: Cisco 5GHz WiFi Network Channel Documentation.



Log in

Step 1 - Select Settings

Step 2 - Select Network


Step 3 - Select Add New Network

Step 4 - Input SSID (the name of your wireless network)

Step 5 - Input the password

    • you can modify the SSID but not the password

Step 6 - Select Add

    • repeat steps to add additional wireless networks allowing your Skydio drones to leverage multiple networks for connectivity

Step 7 - Organize the priority networks

    • networks are ordered by priority, with the top connecting first
    • drag the network box to reorder

Connect the Skydio Dock to the Internet

Step 1 - Connect Skydio Dock to the Internet using an ethernet cable

    • this will sync WiFi credentials and allow Skydio Dock to connect to the network
    • disconnect the ethernet cable from Skydio Dock to automatically connect to WiFi (optional)

Step 2 - Sync WiFi credentials to vehicle

    • connect your drone to the Internet using a USB-C ethernet adapter.  This will sync WiFi credentials and allow the vehicle to connect.


Step 3 - Place the vehicle in the Skydio Dock pedestal

    • status indicator lights on Skydio Dock will be solid blue
    • the status will display online in Skydio Cloud

Step 4 - Complete a Media Sync test

    • this will help validate the vehicle’s ability to connect to the network and illuminate networking compatibility issues. 


[accordion heading="Have the network requirement been addressed?"]

If you are experiencing network connection issues, it is likely that one of the network requirements is not being met. Ensure your network meets all of the requirements listed above.


[accordion heading="Have the firewall requirement been addressed?"]

Ensure your network firewall meets the requirements listed above.



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