On September 16, 2023, the FAA’s Remote Identification (ID) rule will become effective for drone operators.

We've enabled a Remote ID workflow with our latest software update to ensure you are compliant while flying Dock and Remote Ops outdoors. Remote ID involves sharing your location and approving your flight using the Skydio Enterprise mobile app.


Remote ID setup before you fly

Step 1 - Update your drone and Dock to the latest software update

    • v21.1.51

Step 2 - Download and install the latest version of the Skydio Enterprise app

    • iOS - v24.10.2 (0)
    • Android - v24.10.48

Step 3 - Log into the Skydio Enterprise app using the same email address you use for Skydio Cloud


How to begin a flight with Remote ID

Step 1 - Launch the Skydio Enterprise app

    • Ensure that location services are enabled on your mobile device
    • Ensure that you are logged in with the same email address in both Skydio Cloud and in the app
    • No need to pair to your drone

Step 2 - Initiate a flight in Skydio Cloud

    • Select Fly Now from the fly screen for remote flight, or
    • Select Run Now from the Missions > Planning page to run a mission on demand

[note] Remote ID support for scheduled missions coming soon [/note]

    • You will see an alert on the fly screen indicating that the pilot location is requiredCS_Rel_10_remote_ID_1_crpd.png
    • At the same time, a request to share the operator's location will automatically appear in the mobile app

Step 3 - Approve the location request in the Skydio Enterprise app to continue

    • Operator Location will change from Enabled to Sharing
      CS_Rel_10_remote_ID_mobile_1.PNG CS_Rel_10_remote_ID_mobile_3.PNG
    • If Operation Location is Not Enabled, make sure to enable Location Services on your mobile device to continue
      CS_Rel_10_remote_ID_mobile_5.PNG CS_Rel_10_remote_ID_mobile_4.PNG
    • Skydio will then run a Remote ID system check, after which you will be cleared to flyCS_Rel_10_remote_ID_2.pngCS_Rel_10_remote_ID_3.png

Step 4 - Leave the Skydio Enterprise app open on your mobile device for the duration of your flight

    • Do not minimize or close the app


How to monitor Remote ID in flight

Select the Connection Stats icon at the top of your screen to view your Remote ID status. You will see Remote ID Broadcasting if your location is successfully being shared.


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