Skydio X10 packs sensor capabilities typically only found in larger drones into a simple, lightweight airframe, including 64MP visual, 48MP telephoto, 50MP wide angle, and 640x512 thermal modules that empower it to take on nearly any inspection, public safety, or industrial use case. This array of best-in-class sensors makes X10 the one drone that can tackle it all.

FLIR Boson+ is a radiometric thermal module offered with the VT300-Z or VT300-L sensor packages. This sensor is 40% more sensitive than its predecessor, the FLIR® Boson 320x256, so Skydio X10 operators will be able to see much greater detail and get much more precise radiometric measurements than they ever have before.

VT300-Z carries both a 64MP narrow and 48MP telephoto visual module for maximum zoom distance along with a FLIR Boson+ radiometric module. Excellent for law enforcement and inspections requiring large standoff distances.


  • Thermal: FLIR Boson+ Uncooled VOx Microbolometer, 640x512, 41° FOV
  • Narrow: Sony 1/1.7" 64MP CMOS, f/1.8 50° FOV
  • Telephoto: Sony 1/2" 48MP CMOS, f/2.2 13° FOV



VT300-L provides a 64MP narrow module, a 1” wide module with a LED flashlight, and a FLIR Boson+ radiometric module. A great choice for mapping structures and inspections in low light environments.

VT300-L (Coming Soon!)


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