The AR Observer allows you to set the perspective from which you observe the progress of your scan in augmented reality (AR), displaying a static overview of the entire scene while a virtual drone navigates the structure and updates status in real-time. 


The white lines denote the planned path of the drone

Quick Steps

ChangeViewButton.png Select the change view icon to toggle between the static AR Observer scene and the live camera feed at any time during the scan. 

Set the AR Observer:

    • Review Suggestion - (recommended) Skydio 2 will fly to the ceiling of the pillar closest to the takeoff position and turn to face the structure (the centroid of the AR polygon-prism). 
    • Set Manually - manually pilot Skydio 2 to your preferred vantage point. If you choose to manually set the location of the AR Observer, ensure that you select a vantage point that provides you with the best situational awareness for monitoring the scan’s progress. For best performance, fly no more than 10 m from the scan volume and tightly frame the structure. Fill the frame vertically or horizontally. 

The AR Observer point is used to reorient the drone after completing a battery swap and resuming the scan. Ensure the drone has a clear path between the launch point, rally point (if set manually), and AR Observer point. 

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