September 28, 2021

Skydio X2 access to Skydio Cloud

Skydio is proud to announce Skydio Cloud is now available for Skydio X2 drones. Skydio Cloud provides federated management of connected drone operations via Fleet Manager and seamless uploading and management of flight media via Media Sync. Skydio Cloud also supports Skydio 2 and Skydio 2 Enterprise.

Skydio Cloud is a new strategic component to the Skydio enterprise architecture. Skydio Cloud allows you to manage your Skydio fleet, providing a secure, seamless, network-connected platform for autonomous flight operations. Media Sync* provides for automatic upload, and management of your 3D Scans,* images, and videos. Designed to be accessed using a web browser or through API integration, users can store, view, organize, and manage their organization's in-flight digital assets. Skydio Cloud AWS - U.S. Region cloud infrastructure meets the highest level of security, compliance, and data protection.

        *Additional license required

To purchase Skydio Cloud contact a Skydio Sales Representative 


Skydio Fleet Manager

As the foundational service within Skydio Cloud, Fleet Manager provides federated management for distributed drone operations. Access telemetry data uploaded to Skydio Cloud to view flight logs and robust reporting on usage metrics.

    • Automatically upload flight telemetry directly from the Skydio Enterprise App or Enterprise Controller
    • Filter and search flights across your organization
    • View and replay the flight path for any flight
    • Reporting usage metrics across your fleet
    • Detailed metrics for individual pilots and vehicles
    • Filter flights by date, pilot, and vehicle, and quickly view and download details
    • REST-based API endpoints for accessing flight data

Skydio Media Sync

Skydio Media Sync (additional license required) offers seamless upload and management of 3D Scans,* images, and videos. Media assets uploaded to Skydio Cloud can be stored, searched, and shared across your organization

    • Automatically upload media and 3D Models directly from Skydio vehicles
    • View and replay video overlayed with the flight path for any flight
    • Search for media by date, pilot, and vehicle
    • Share links to media across your organization
    • Access the Edge Model Viewer to review 3D Scans
    • REST-based API endpoints for accessing images and video

*Skydio 3D Scan license required to sync and view 3D Scan data in Skydio Cloud.

Skydio API

Developer access to Skydio Cloud through API integration (visit Skydio API documentation

    • generate a new API Token

    • access the API documentation


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