May 2, 2023

[note]This update will be released gradually over the course of one week.[/note] 

Pilot Controlled Adaptive Bitrate for Live Streaming

The pilot can now optimize Live Streaming video quality for the pilot or viewers before or during a flight.


Media Sync over supported Ethernet adapters

Media Sync over Ethernet offers greatly improved upload speeds from ~60Mbps over WiFi to ~500Mbps over Ethernet. Supported adapters are included in How to Use Media Sync in Skydio Cloud.


Expanded support for Live Streaming over hotspots

Skydio has expanded support for Live Streaming over a Hotspot. For detailed information, visit How to use Skydio Live Streaming.


3D Maps on Fleet Page

View your recorded flight paths in 3D. On the Fleet page select the flight you wish to view, then right-click and drag to view the map in 3D.


[info] Select the lock button to lock the camera onto the drone. The video recording is synchronized with the drone view direction. [/info]

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More comprehensive reporting of Flights in Skydio Cloud

Previously flights were being incorrectly filtered out and were not visible in Skydio Cloud or accessible through API /flights. These flights are now visible in Skydio Cloud on Fleet Manager, and the Media and Reports menus and API/flights are accessible. The changes apply to historical and future flights. For some customers, historical flights previously not displayed will be listed with higher flight totals. N/A will display when flight end time information is not available.


[accordion heading="April 1, 2023"]

Single Flight Log Upload to Skydio Customer Support

Upload a single flight log to customer support from Skydio Cloud Fleet Manager on-demand

    • Upload easily using Media Sync 
    • Uploading Skydio Support Logs using the controlling device is still supported.

Visit How to upload a flight log from Skydio Cloud to customer support for detailed instructions.



[accordion heading="March 21, 2023"]

ANSI Serial Numbers

You can now view, copy, and download a CSV file with your fleet's ANSI serial numbers. 



[accordion heading="January 10, 2023"]

Vehicle Names in the Enterprise App

Vehicles assigned names in your Skydio Cloud organization will now display on the Enterprise app and controller.

    • Previously available only in Skydio Cloud
    • Names must still be assigned in the Skydio Cloud

Higher Resolution Video

Adaptive Bitrate higher resolution video is now supported for Skydio Live Streaming:

    • Up to 720p resolution video with a strong network signal connection (> 5 Mbps)
    • The previous max quality was ~360p equivalent
    • The live video stream video will now adaptively adjust based on the quality of the connection of the controlling device to the internet (e.g. strength of their LTE or wifi connection for streaming)
    • There will be fewer signal connection losses and faster reconnection when the signal connection is lost


[accordion heading="November 2022"]

Delete Media - Available November 3, 2022

Delete Media in Skydio Cloud and via API. Delete a single file or multiple files.

    • deleting 3D Scan media is not yet implemented

Share Media - available November 24, 2022

Generate a link to share media from a flight even if they are not in your Skydio Cloud organization. Configure the expiration date and time duration.

    • Media is viewable by anyone with the link
    • Set the expiration
    • Revoke the link at any time

Battery Data - available November 15, 2022

Track battery data in Skydio Cloud and via API. The Devices menu Battery tab displays:

    • Specific flight and battery lifetime data
    • Total number of flights, flight times, and battery cycles
    • Minimum and maximum voltage and temperature


[accordion heading="August 31, 2022"]


View Skydio Live Stream

Stream live video feed from Skydio 2/2+, or X2E to Skydio Cloud for real-time awareness.

    • View from mobile or desktop devices
    • Supports color and thermal streams Live Stream video feed from Skydio X2E
    • Licenses are available for viewing on single or multiple devices

Share Skydio Live Stream Link

Generate a Live Stream video feed link to share with people outside of your organization.

    • Viewable from mobile or desktop devices
    • Set an expiration date and time, and revoke the link at any time

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How to Use Live Stream in Skydio Cloud


Live Flights

View live locations of drones in your organization. Your drone’s location will be displayed on the map for real-time awareness. Check the status of  your organization’s drones for visibility into who is live streaming:

    • Offline
    • Online
    • Flying
    • View Live Stream
    • Share Live Stream

Name your Skydio drone

Designed to help you manage your fleet of Skydio drones, you can assign a name to your devices in Skydio Cloud. The name will be displayed on the Fleet Manager dashboard.


Export a single flight CSV file

Exporting a single flight CSV file offers organizations detailed flight information for review, analysis, and reporting. The file includes:

    • Date and time
    • Latitude and longitude
    • GPS altitude
    • Number of satellite connections
    • Horizontal, vertical, and velocity accuracy estimates
    • X, Y, and Z velocity
    • Speed

Explore related articles for additional information: How to export a single flight CSV file from Skydio Cloud

Axon Integration

    • Axon Evidence media integration syncs the media captured from your Skydio drone without manually uploading, offering seamless transfer and management of images and videos.
    • Axon Respond Live Stream integration to view the real-time video captured by your Skydio drone. Axon Respond integrates location data, and video feeds from your Skydio drones to give you a complete picture of evolving situations on any web or mobile browser.
    • Axon Air powered by DroneSense integrates its piloting, program management, and operations solution with the Axon digital evidence management platform for strategic Skydio fleet management.

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Axon Evidence

Axon Respond Live Stream

Axon Air DroneSense Fleet Management


Download Large Files

You can now download media files larger than 200 megabytes into a  compressed package, reducing time and data. The View Download button offers insight into the status and progress of your download package.

Explore related articles for additional information: Managing Media in Skydio Cloud

Media Sync Error Indicator

When initiating a Media Sync, a yellow flashing light indicates an unsuccessful connection to your saved networks in Skydio Cloud, and an error message will display on your controlling device to help with troubleshooting an unsuccessful connection

    • No Network Found: an issue occurred while connecting to your network
    • Authentication Failure: an issue occurred while signing in to your network
    • Connection Timed Out: your drone was unable to connect to Skydio Cloud

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[accordion heading="June 14, 2022"]

Media Sync Improvements

Skydio Cloud improvements include faster Media Sync uploads.


[accordion heading="March 29, 2022"]

Skydio Cloud has improved the visibility into the data file transfer process and the drone configuration sync with two new menus, Cloud Settings and Upload Files. The menus are displayed in your drone’s INFO menu.

Cloud Settings

The Cloud Settings menu provides you with the ability to download features and offers visibility into the last time a sync occurred.
    1. Select Download features from Cloud to sync from Skydio Cloud to your controlling device.
    2. Select Sync Settings to Drone to sync Skydio Cloud settings from your controlling device to your drone.

Upload Files

Post-flight task management offers new visibility into the data files uploading to Skydio Cloud. If you have enabled GPS & Telemetry Data Capture on your Skydio Cloud account your post-flight data file transfer status and upload history will be available after you land.

Select Show Files or navigate to the Upload Files menu to view the File Queue and Upload History:

    • File Queue displays the upload status of flight metadata and telemetry logs
    • Upload History displays a list of data files that have been successfully uploaded


[accordion heading="February 28, 2022"]

Skydio License Management

Skydio License Management is now available with your Skydio 2/2+ and X2 drones. You can now assign advanced software licenses, Skydio Autonomy Enterprise and 3D Scan, to each of your drones, allowing for precision control of your Skydio fleet. Visit How to Assign Skydio Advanced Software Licenses for detailed step-by-step instructions.

[info text="This update will initially be available to select customers, with widespread availability planned for a future date. Skydio will reach out to your organization if you will be receiving the update."] 


[accordion heading="September 28, 2021"]

Skydio X2 access to Skydio Cloud

Skydio is proud to announce Skydio Cloud is now available for Skydio X2 drones. Skydio Cloud provides federated management of connected drone operations via Fleet Manager and seamless uploading and management of flight media via Media Sync. Skydio Cloud also supports Skydio 2/2+ and Skydio 2/2+ Enterprise.

Skydio Cloud is a new strategic component to the Skydio enterprise architecture. Skydio Cloud allows you to manage your Skydio fleet, providing a secure, seamless, network-connected platform for autonomous flight operations. Media Sync* provides for automatic upload, and management of your 3D Scans,* images, and videos. Designed to be accessed using a web browser or through API integration, users can store, view, organize, and manage their organization's in-flight digital assets. Skydio Cloud AWS - U.S. Region cloud infrastructure meets the highest level of security, compliance, and data protection.

        *Additional license required

To purchase Skydio Cloud, contact a Skydio Sales Representative 

Skydio Fleet Manager

As the foundational service within Skydio Cloud, Fleet Manager provides federated management for distributed drone operations. Access telemetry data uploaded to Skydio Cloud to view flight logs and robust reporting on usage metrics.

    • Automatically upload flight telemetry directly from the Skydio Enterprise App or Enterprise Controller
    • Filter and search flights across your organization
    • View and replay the flight path for any flight
    • Reporting usage metrics across your fleet
    • Detailed metrics for individual pilots and vehicles
    • Filter flights by date, pilot, and vehicle, and quickly view and download details
    • REST-based API endpoints for accessing flight data

Skydio Media Sync

Skydio Media Sync (additional license required) offers seamless upload and management of 3D Scans,* images, and videos. Media assets uploaded to Skydio Cloud can be stored, searched, and shared across your organization

    • Automatically upload media and 3D Models directly from Skydio vehicles
    • View and replay video overlayed with the flight path for any flight
    • Search for media by date, pilot, and vehicle
    • Share links to media across your organization
    • Access the Edge Model Viewer to review 3D Scans
    • REST-based API endpoints for accessing images and video

*Skydio 3D Scan license required to sync and view 3D Scan data in Skydio Cloud.

Skydio API

Developer access to Skydio Cloud through API integration (visit Skydio API documentation

    • generate a new API Token

    • access the API documentation



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