Do I have to be a skilled drone pilot to fly 3D Scan?

No - Skydio 3D Scan™ is adaptive scanning software that automates the data capture process needed to generate 3D models. The simple workflow allows you to perform higher-quality inspections faster with minimal pilot training. Set your scan boundaries and settings and your Skydio drone will autonomously inspect the structure and capture the necessary data.

What drone can I use with 3D Scan?

To fly Skydio 3D Scan, you must have a Skydio drone and an iOS mobile device with the Skydio Autonomy Enterprise and 3D Scan software add-ons. We are actively working on making 3D Scan available on all drones and mobile operating systems.

I don't see 3D Scan in my Flight Skills menu. What should I do?

If you do not see 3D Scan, check the following:

Ensure that your organization has purchased the 3D Scan and the Skydio Autonomy Enterprise  software add-ons. Skydio will then provision your organization’s first user, or admin, with 3D Scan. Any additional pilots will need to be provisioned by your admin in Skydio Cloud. Log in to your Skydio Cloud to claim your vehicles and set up your account.* Read Getting Started with Skydio Cloud for detailed instructions.

*Skydio X2D customers will be provisioned offline. Reach out to your program manager for assistance. 

Before you fly, you must first change the vehicle mode to enable 3D Scan. Read How to enable 3D Scan for detailed instructions.

Is there Obstacle Avoidance during 3D Scans?

Yes - Standard Obstacle avoidance is enabled when Skydio is autonomously executing a 3D Scan. Close, Minimal, or Disabled Obstacle Avoidance is only accessible when manually capturing photos. If you are manually piloting the drone, you have the option to adjust your obstacle avoidance setting within the Device Settings menu.

What GSD can Skydio capture in 3D Scan?

Skydio drones can capture highly detailed images by flying close to structures. The GSD varies depending on the structure you are scanning. Read 3D Scan Settings Overview for specific GSD values and use case examples.

Does 3D Scan work in GPS-denied environments?

Yes - Skydio drones operate with no reliance on prior maps, magnetometer readings, GPS, or Internet connectivity. GPS will be required for scans higher than 65 ft (20 m).

What should I do if I'm experiencing relocalization failures after completing a Battery swap? 

If you experience relocalization failures after replacing a depleted Battery, try using the suggested AR Observer position rather than setting it manually. 

How do I process my 3D Scan images?

To create a 3D reconstruction of your scan, you must upload the .JPG files of your scan to third-party photogrammetry software. Read How to Access 3D Scan Data for details about how to access scan data.

Can I create reconstructions by combining both 2D Captures and 3D Captures?

Yes - It is possible to take the .JPG images from both a 2D Capture and a 3D Capture and upload those to a third-party photogrammetry software to create a reconstruction. Read How to Access 3D Scan Data for details about how to access scan data.

Can I scan indoors?

Yes - Skydio drones use vision navigation to fly in GPS-denied environments. It is possible to scan indoor structures and equipment. At this time 3D Scan does not support interior room scanning.

How much does 3D Scan cost?

The Skydio 3D Scan software add-on starts at $2,999 drone/year. Contact our sales team for more information.

Can I sign up for a free trial of 3D Scan?

Please reach out to our Sales Team with 3D Scan trial inquiries.


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