The Flight Limits menu provides access to drone settings for Height Floor, Height Ceiling, and Indoor

Height Ceiling:

Step 1 - Select the Device settings icon 



Step 2 - Select the Drone tab

Step 3 - Select the Flight Limits menu CS_X2D_Flight_Limits_menu_UI.png

Height Floor:

The Height Floor is enabled by default and maintains at least 8 feet (2.4 meters) of space above a tracked subject while in any autonomous follow skill, creating a buffer between Skydio 2/2+ and any moving objects, such as people, pets, or vehicles.

[note] The Height Floor setting only applies while a subject is being tracked. If Skydio 2/2+ is in manual flight mode with no subject selected, you always have full control over the drone’s height. Vertical drift, wind may affect the actual altitude. [/note]

  • While following a subject, Skydio 2/2+ may become trapped by obstacles and unable to continue following due to the height restriction, even though the space underneath the drone is clear.
  • You will be unable to lower the Height Floor below 8 feet (2.4 meters) height floor while tracking a subject.
  • Disabling the Height Floor setting may increase tracking performance by allowing Skydio 2/2+ to fly under low-lying obstacles, such as tree branches and overhangs, to maintain a visual line of sight.  It also allows users to set the preferred follow height low to the ground, capturing high-energy shots from a unique ground-hugging perspective. 

[warning] The combination of low-elevation flight and high-speed tracking presents an increased risk of collision with moving objects. Skydio strongly recommends users only disable the Height Floor setting when operating in wide open, outdoor spaces with no people, animals, or other moving objects nearby.  Pilots maintain full responsibility for the safe operation of their Skydio 2/2+ drone at all times during a flight. Skydio 2/2+ only avoids obstacles that are not in motion. Cars, balls, animals, other drones, other people, or similar moving objects will not be avoided if they are moving faster than walking speed. [/warning] 

Height Ceiling:

  • Enable to set the maximum altitude between 9 ft (3 m) and 1500 ft (457 m)
  • Disable for a maximum allowed flight altitude

GPS Weak Altitude Limit:

Enabled by default, GPS Weak Altitude Limit prevents flight above 33 ft (10 m) outdoors and 66 feet (20 m) indoors.

Toggling OFF disables the altitude limit, and your drone will fly using only the vision navigation. To reduce the risk of an emergency landing maintain a flight path near surfaces and objects.


Altitude (height) specifications for Skydio 2/2+:

Control Option Maximum Height Maximum Distance
Enterprise app - Tracking a subject 54 ft (16 m) 66 ft (20 m)
Beacon - Tracking a subject 108 ft (32.8 m) 130 ft (40 m)
Not tracking a subject

Up to 427 ft (130 m) from launch

    • Values represent the max height and distance from the subject being tracked, not the maximum operational altitude
    • The maximum height of Skydio 2/2+ when not tracking a subject is 426 feet (130 meters) from the launch point
    • There is no maximum distance, you can fly Skydio 2/2+ as far away as the wireless range will allow
    • A strong GPS signal is required to track beyond 66 feet (20 meters)

Skydio 2/2+ has a maximum operational altitude above sea level of 15,000 feet (4.57 Kilometers)

It is important to follow your local laws when flying your drone. The height ceilings are compliant with FAA guidelines. As a Skydio pilot, you are solely responsible for monitoring and managing your drone's battery life to ensure enough flight time to return safely. Read the Skydio Safety and Operating Guide for more information. 

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