If you are going to be flying in an area without a WiFi connection, you will need to download and cache map data before you begin your flight.  When viewing maps or creating a waypoint mission, you have the option to enter latitude and longitude coordinates. The Coordinates setting is enabled by default displaying Skydio 2/2+, the controller, Home Point, and Fly Here Now, latitude and longitude coordinates on the map in real-time. Disable the setting if you do not want the coordinates displayed on the map, your selection will persist across flights and power cycles.

Select the map icon to enter the map view. Your location, Skydio 2/2+, and Skydio 2/2+ launch location are all indicated on the map. To exit the map view, tap the map icon again.

X2-user_guide-flying_x2-maps_icon-1__drone_location_.png X2-user_guide-flying_x2-maps_icon-2__controller_location_.png X2-user_guide-flying_x2-maps_icon-3__home_point_.png X2-user_guide-flying_x2-maps_icon-4__launch_point_.png
Skydio 2/2+ Controller / Phone Home Point Launch Point

Quick Steps

To download maps:

Step 1 - Ensure that you have Internet access

Step 2 - Launch the Skydio Enterprise app

Step 3 - Select the INFO menu


Step 4 - Select Download Maps

Step 5 - Select the + icon under Add New Map

    • a satellite view of your current location will display
    • drag and pinch-to-zoom on the map until your desired location is centered on the screen


Step 6 - Select Download Map

    • the map will be 3.5 x 3.5 square miles, centered around the target point even if you are zoomed in


Enter Coordinates:

Map Coordinates - When viewing your maps, creating waypoint missions, or orbiting a point of interest, you have the option to view latitude and longitude coordinates. The position of Skydio 2/2+, the Controller, Home Point, and Fly Here Now will display coordinates on the map in real-time. Disable this setting if you do not want coordinates displayed

To enable coordinates on the map:

Step 1 - Select the Settings menu

Step 2 - Select the Phone tab

Step 3 - Select On Screen Display

    • toggle on or off your selection will persist across flights and power cycles

To input coordinates:

Step 1 - While on the Map view

Step 2 - Select the magnifying glass icon

Step 3 - Enter latitude and longitude

Step 4 - Select Download Map



Delete Maps:

You can save up to 10 maps at a time in the Skydio Enterprise app. To make room for more you will need to remove existing maps:

Step 1 - Select the INFO menu

Step 2 - Select Download Maps and Select located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen

Step 3 - Press and hold an individual map to enter multi-select mode

    • select one or multiple maps
    • select Delete

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