Establishing a return location and return behaviors for your Skydio 2/2+ will ensure a safe return flight and landing.

When a return is triggered, either manually or autonomously, Skydio 2/2+ will first ascend to a specified height to ensure that no obstacles, people, or animals will be in the return pathway. You can also adjust the speed and orientation for the return trip and set lost connection behaviors. Skydio 2/2+ will retain its current obstacle avoidance setting while returning.

Quick Steps

Set a return location and Home Point:

Step 1 - Select the Return to Home icon  X2-user_guide-flying_x2-maps_icon-3__home_point_.png

Step 2 - Set a return location as either the Launch Point or your current location (Phone)

Step 3 (optional) - Select and hold a point on the map to create a Home Point or move the existing Home Point

    • You need to set your return location before each flight—Home Points are not saved between flights
    • Skydio 2/2+ will automatically return to a set Home Point if the communication link is lost unless otherwise specified in the waypoint settings
    • Selecting a Home Point on the map will give you the option to fly to that location immediately or to remove it from the map
[caution]Setting a Home Point requires a GPS connection. [/caution]

Set Return Behaviors:

Step 1 - Select the Settings icon  X2-user_guide-flying_x2-flight_screen_icon-1__device_settings_.png

Step 2 - Select the Drone tab

Step 3 - Select Return Behavior




The Return Behavior menu allows you to set:

    • Return Type
    • Return Height
    • Height Behavior
    • Drone Looks
    • Return Speed
    • Low Battery
    • Lost Connection



Step 4 - Set Return Type to GPS or vision

Visual return for flight in GPS-denied environments 

    • requires returning to the Launch Point
    • setting a Home Point or your Phone/controller as the return location requires GPS

Skydio 2/2+ returns based on Return Type

Step 5 - Select Return Height

    • set the height the drone ascends to before returning
    • set height from 0 - 400 ft (122 m)
    • default return height is set to 66 ft (20 m)



Step 6 - Select Height Behavior

Absolute - ascends to the specified Return Height above the launch point before returning

    • For example, if the Return Height is 32 ft and the drone is at 20 ft when the return is commanded, Skydio 2 will ascend 12 ft before returning.

Relative - ascends to the specified Return Height above the current position before returning

    • For example, if the Return Height is 32 ft and the drone is at 20 ft when the return is commanded, Skydio 2/2+ will ascend 32 ft and then return at a height of 52 ft.

Step 7 - Select Drone Looks

    • set Skydio 2/2+ to either look toward or away from the return destination while flying



Step 8- set the return speed

    • using the slider from 5 - 22 mph (8-35 km/h)



Low Battery - when enabled and a Home Point is set, Skydio will automatically return to your Home Point when the drone's range will soon exceed the battery's capacity to return home.

    • Always Ask (default) - you will be asked to select a low battery behavior when your drone only has enough battery to return and land
    • Return to Home Point - the drone will automatically return to the set Home Point adhering to the return settings.
[note] You must set a Home Point to use the Low Battery Return to Home Point. [/note]

Step 9 - Select Lost Connection Return Behaviors to choose how your want your drone to behave if the signal to your controlling device is lost:

    • Return when Disconnected - toggle Off to disable Return when Disconnected and the Lost Connection menu. Skydio 2/2+ will not return if it loses connection—it will hover until it reaches low battery and land.
    • Wait Before Return - Specify the amount of time that you want Skydio 2/2+ to wait before it initiates a return flight, allowing time to reconnect.
    • Land Once Returned - When enabled, Skydio 2/2+ will return, hover for a specified amount of time, and land.
    • Wait Before Land - Specify the amount of time between 0 to 300 seconds (default - 240 seconds) that you want Skydio 2/2+ to wait before landing. Only available when Land Once Return is toggled on.

[info text="If the return type is set to GPS but the Skydio 2/2+ enters a GPS denied situation, your drone will return to the last known GPS point using vision navigation. If a GPS link is not re-established your drone will return to the launch point using vision navigation."] 

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