Skydio offers two add-on software licenses: Skydio Autonomy Enterprise™ and Skydio 3D Scan™. Both softwares unlock specialty enterprise features and enhance your flying experience.

[info] Skydio Autonomy Enterprise software is included with every Skydio Enterprise kit. [/info]

Skydio Autonomy Enterprise license

Skydio Autonomy Enterprise™ is the software license you receive when you purchase an enterprise kit. It unlocks a broad set of advanced AI-pilot assistance capabilities for enterprise and public sector operators. Controlled through the Skydio Enterprise app, the Autonomy Enterprise license optimizes your Skydio drone for professional use in a wide range of missions, including indoor/outdoor inspections, search and rescue, emergency response, security patrol, and situational awareness.

Autonomy Enterprise includes the following features:

  • Close Proximity Obstacle Avoidance (CPOA) allows you to navigate through tight spaces
  • Precision Mode enables better accuracy when navigating complex environments
  • Vertical View captures images directly above your Skydio drone allowing you to focus on overhead inspection of targets.
  • Visual Return-to-Home (RTH) ensures that your Skydio drone will always return safely in environments with high radio frequency interference and/or GPS-denied environments
  • Offline Maps enable you to use map-based features even without cellular connection by downloading and saving maps in the Skydio Enterprise app
  • Superzoom captures objects from further away without sacrificing image quality, giving pilots the full view of any situation
  • Point of Interest (POI) Orbit enables hands-free surveillance and enhanced overwatch
  • Track In Place allows for intelligent tracking of a subject while maintaining obstacle avoidance
  • Map Capture allows you to preplan your scan using a top-down map view. Skydio will fly in a lawnmower pattern to capture the scene. 

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Skydio 3D Scan™ license

Skydio 3D Scan™ is a software add-on available for purchase. It is an adaptive scanning software that automates data capture of any scene with comprehensive coverage and ultra-high resolution. Skydio 3D Scan enables crews to spend less time training pilots and more time performing higher-quality inspections.

Skydio adaptively maps the scene and uses intelligent flight planning to build a live 3D model. With augmented reality (AR) and AI-driven workflow, the drone plans a path to autonomously capture all surfaces using your specified settings.

Skydio 3D Scan operates with no reliance on prior maps, magnetometer readings or active internet connectivity. Simply choose from one of the five scan modes (3D Capture, 2D Capture, Map Capture Tower Capture, or Indoor Capture) then follow the on-screen prompts to specify the area or structure to scan and Skydio 3D Scan does the rest. To create high-definition reconstructions of your scans, upload the images to a third party photogrammetry provider.

[note] You must purchase Skydio Autonomy Enterprise in addition to 3D Scan to unlock scanning capabilities. [/note]

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