To manage your fleet of Skydio drones, you must first claim your devices, vehicles, and batteries so that they are associated with your Skydio Cloud organization.

Quick Steps

Vehicles and batteries are not automatically associated with an organization; you will need to claim them first:

Step 1 - Select the Settings menu and the Devices tab

Step 2 - Select Claim Device

Step 3 - Claim your vehicles

    • Enter vehicle WiFi (eg Skydio2: - xxxx)
    • the Vehicle tab displays a list of associated vehicle IDs

Step 4 - Claim your batteries

Skydio X10 batteries:

    • Enter the battery serial number
    • This 16-character number begins with P208904 and can be found on the battery label below the QR code
    • After an initial flight, you can also find the battery serial number listed in the Battery column under Reports > Flights

Skydio 2, 2+, and X2 batteries:

    1. Fly your drone with the battery that you want to claim
    2. Select the Reports menu and the Flights tab
    3. Copy the Battery ID (battery serial number) and paste it into the Claim Device field

You can also find the ID (serial number) on the battery above the QR code, visit How to locate your battery serial number for detailed instructions.

[note text=" A Skydio 2, 2+, or X2 battery must be flown in at least one flight before it can be claimed into your organization."]



Claim your controllers:

Step 7 - Enter the controller serial number

    • located on the back of the controller
    • the Controller tab will display a list of associated controllers

[info] The Skydio Enterprise Controller and Skydio X10 Controller can be claimed in Skydio Cloud. The Skydio 2/2+ Controller cannot be claimed in Skydio Cloud. [/info]

The Battery tab displays a list of battery IDs and data including: 

    • Flights - total number of flights associated with that particular battery
    • Flight Time - total number of hours associated with that particular battery
    • Battery Cycles - the depletion of 80% of the battery charge across one or multiple flights, an indication of battery health that is not a substitute for visual inspection and risk mitigation. 
    • Min/Max Voltage - over the lifetime of the battery
    • Min/Max Temperature - over the lifetime of the battery

ANSI Serial Number

Step 1 - Select the Settings menu

Step 2 - Select the Devices tab

Step 3 - The ANSI serial number will be listed with your vehicle

    • copy the ANSI serial number OR
    • download CSV file containing the ANSI serial numbers for your entire fleet

Filter the CSV file by:

    • vehicle name or nickname
    • ANSI serial number
    • software version
    • flights and total flight time 

Assign Names

to your vehicles in Skydio Cloud, which will display on the Fleet Manager dashboard and in the Enterprise App. To name your vehicle: 

Step 1 - Select the Settings menu and the Devices and Vehicles tab

Step 3 - Select the 3 dots

Step 4 - Select Change Settings

Step 5 - Enter a vehicle name and Save super_skydio.png

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