Skydio requires UHS Class 3 (U3) or faster microSD cards to complete 3D Scans. Skydio cannot scan without properly formatted microSD cards.

  1. Media Card CS_media_icon_media-card.png
  2. Logs Card CS_media_icon_settings-gear.png

[note] We test with and strongly recommend using SanDisk Extreme (128 GB and 256 GB) microSD cards. [/note] 

Installing SD cards

If you purchased an Enterprise Pro Kit directly through a Skydio Sales Representative, both the Media Card and Logs Card come pre-installed. 

If you obtained your drone online and later purchased 3D Scan™, you will need to purchase a second SD Card and install both cards yourself. 

[info] For detailed instructions on how to format either the Media Card or the Logs Card for Skydio X2, read How to reformat media and logs memory cards for Skydio X2 or review the Formatting SD Cards section of the Skydio X2E Operator Manual. [/info]

Step 1 - Remove the battery

Gently pull the battery from the bottom of Skydio 2/2+. 


Step 2 - Remove the black cover

Flip the drone over and locate the Media Card slot. To the right of this, you’ll notice a black cover blocking access to the Logs Card. You will need to remove this.

Carefully and slowly pull the bottom of the cover toward the camera. This will expose a plastic placeholder for the Logs Card. Gently push inward to dislodge the plastic insert.



Step 3 - Insert your SD card CS_3DS_media_install-SD3.jpeg

Formatting SD cards

  1. Open the Skydio Enterprise app and connect to Skydio 2/2+
  2. Navigate to the INFO tab
  3. Select your drone from the Devices list, then select Manage Data
  4. Select Format Media Card or Format Logs Card, depending on which card needs to be cleared

[note] You must format the Logs Card within the Skydio Enterprise app to fly 3D Scan. Formatting your Logs Card permanently deletes all flight data from your drone. [/note] 

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