Skydio X2E comes with two memory cards preinstalled, one for storing media and one for recording logs. Each card will occasionally need to be cleared of data and reformatted.

[warning] Do not alter the drone's SD media card folder structure or power on the drone without the media card inserted. Doing so may result in deleted media. [/warning]


[caution text="Before reformatting ensure that any data is safely transferred."] 

Quick Steps

To clear data and reformat your memory card:

Step 1 - Power on your Skydio Enterprise Controller
Step 2 - Wait for X2E to connect

Step 3 - Select the INFO menu

Step 4 - Select your X2E under Paired Devices paired_drone_select_X2.png
Step 5 - Select Manage Data manage_data_select.png

Step 6 - Select either

    • Format Media Card or
    • Format Logs Card


Step 7 - A warning alert will display select Delete


Step 8 - Select OK in the confirmation message

    • The memory card is now cleared and reformatted

[warning text="Do NOT select Factory Reset unless Skydio Customer Support has instructed you to do so. A factory reset will restore all content and require you to contact Skydio Customer Support to fly again."]

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