Skydio X2E comes with two memory cards preinstalled, one for storing media and one for recording logs. Each card will occasionally need to be cleared of data and reformatted. 


Before reformatting ensure that any data is safely transferred.

Quick Steps

To clear data and reformat your memory card:

Step 1 - Power on your Skydio Enterprise Controller  
Step 2 - Wait for X2E to connect  

Step 3 - Select INFO


Step 4 - Select your X2E under Paired Devices paired_drone_select_X2.png
Step 5 - Select Manage Data manage_data_select.png

Step 6 - Select either Format

    • Media Card or
    • Format Logs Card


Step 7 - A warning alert will display select Delete 


Step 8 - Select OK in the confirmation message

    • The memory card is now cleared and reformatted



warning.png Do NOT select Factory Reset unless Skydio Customer Support has instructed you to do so. A factory reset will restore all content and require you to contact Skydio Customer Support to fly again


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