The four hard stops are located where the motor arms connect to Skydio X2E chassis and are used to lock the arms in place to prevent over-extension during assembly. A routine preflight inspection should include the hard stops to ensure that they are in good working condition. 

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If the motor arms are not parallel to the chassis when fully extended, this is an indication that the hard stop is damaged and should be replaced.



Quick Steps

Replace your X2E hard stops:

Step 1 - Identify the damaged hard stop

Step 2 - Extend the arm that is either above or below the arm with the damaged hard stop

    • giving you room to work 
    • leave the arm with the damaged hard stop folded in
Step 3 - Unscrew the hard stop screw using the T3 driver tool included with Skydio X2E T3_tool_X2.png

Step 4 - Remove the screw and set it aside

    • be careful it is tiny!
Step 5 - Rotate the hard stop so the flange protrudes from the chassis


Step 6 - Grip the hard stop by the flange and remove
    • gently wiggle to dislodge

Step 7 - Place the new hard stop in the socket

    • larger diameter pin inserted into the chassis
    • smaller diameter pin will face out

Step 8 - Line up the hole in the hard stop flange with the hole in the chassis

    • insert the screw you previously removed

Step 9 - Fasten the screw until the hard stop is fully locked in place

    • using T3 driver
    • torque value is approximately 6 cNm
Ensure that the flange is fully seated against the chassis, the hard stop should not move.

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