Your Skydio X2 drone and battery are not considered household waste. Dispose of e-waste and lithium polymer batteries properly in accordance with your local laws and regulations. Visit the EPA or your country's environmental regulatory agency website for more information about disposal and recycling options for batteries.

Quick Steps

To dispose of your Skydio battery:

Lithium batteries must be disposed of at e-waste collection points or battery-recycling drop-off locations. Take care when disposing of your Skydio battery. Contact your local waste facility to verify if lithium polymer batteries are permitted. 

    • Do not throw out batteries in your regular household garbage or recycling bin
    • Do not burn batteries in a fire, they may explode
    • Do not mix damaged, and non-damaged batteries
    • Avoid storing batteries in metal containers

[caution] If your battery shows signs of damage (substantial gouging or cracking of plastic housing), place the battery in a non-flammable enclosure away from people and contact your local hazardous waste recycling agency for safe handling and disposal procedures.[/caution]

To dispose of your Skydio X2 drone:

When your Skydio equipment reaches its end of life, contact local authorities for more information or to learn about disposal and recycling options for e-waste.

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