Visual Geofence gives you the ability to further constrain Skydio 2 to a safe flight area while scanning autonomously. By default Visual Geofence is off, and the drone will remain within an area defined by the scan volume and the scan distance. When toggled on, the Visual Geofence will keep the drone strictly within the scan boundaries. Using its visual navigation system, Skydio 2 will always enter and exit the 3D volume from the same location (without the use of GPS). Skydio 2 will honor the Visual Geofence during the explore phase, the scanning process, and the transition between the two. 

Use Case Examples

Avoid flying over a bridge deck -

  • ensure the Ceiling is set to the level of the bridge deck
  • toggle on the Strict Ceiling geofence

Avoid flying over private property -

  • toggle on the Lateral geofence



Quick Steps

Set the Visual Geofence during a 3D Capture scan. To set the Visual Geofence, independently toggle strict or default geofence settings: Ceiling, Floor, and Lateral. Enabling a strict geofence blocks flight outside of the scan volume along that boundary line. The drone will use visual navigation to enter and exit the scan volume through the same location.

    • Strict Ceiling - maximum height geofencegeofense.png
    • Strict Floor - minimum height geofence
    • Strict Lateral - lateral (pillars) geofence





Skydio 2 will skip image capture locations that are located outside any of the toggled geofence boundaries. This may result in gaps in coverage. Visual Geofencing is not available for 2D Captures. 


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