Getting started with Skydio Cloud requires some settings configuration such as creating a profile, adding users, claiming your vehicles, and joining WiFi networks. You will need to configure your Skydio Cloud before you can manage your fleet or sync your media.

Quick Steps

Log in cloud.skydio.com

    • enter your email address
    • enter the verification code sent to your email address

Add profile

Step 1 - Select Settings

Step 2 - Select General

    • add the name of your organization
    • upload a logo - replace the Skydio logo in the upper left corner

    • Data Capture - control GPS & Telemetry automatically transmitted


If Data Capture is toggled off the flight path and other telemetry data will not display on the flight screen

Add users

Step 1 - Select Settings

Step 2 - Select Users

Step 3 - Select Invite a Member OR import a file (CSV or text file)


    • enter email
    • assign roles

          Pilot - assigned to a vehicle / no Cloud access

          Test pilot - reserved for future functions

          User - access to view and download flight data and media

          Admin - full Cloud access

        • claim vehicles
        • add and delete users

        • write and read user profile notes

        • assign user roles


A member’s email address can only be associated with one organization at a time.

Search, filter, manage and reorganize pilots, users, and administrators:

    • sort by Member
    • filter by Role

Add vehicles

Vehicles are not automatically associated with an organization, you will need to claim the vehicles that you want in your fleet:

Step 1 - Select Settings

Step 2 - Select Devices

Step 3 - Select Claim Device (vehicle Wifi Name)

Step 4 - enter vehicle Wifi

The vehicle tab displays a list of associated vehicles ID 


You cannot claim a vehicle that is associated with another organization. You cannot delete a vehicle. If you receive this error message  or need to delete a vehicle contact Skydio Customer Support

Add Networks

If you have purchased Media Sync (additional license required) you will need to connect to your local network to upload images and videos.

Step 1 - Select Settings

Step 2 - Select Network

    • add multiple networks
    • organize the priority networks

Step 3 - Select Add New Network

    • input SSID - the name of your wireless network
    • input Password - you can modify the SSID but not the password. If the password is incorrect you will need to delete the network and add it again.

Step 4 - Select Add


Networks are ordered by priority with the top connecting first. Drag to reorder.

Select Media to Upload

If you have purchased Media Sync (additional license required) select the media that will be automatically uploaded:

    • images
    • videos

    • 3D Scan Data


Delete vehicle memory after uploaded to Skydio Cloud depending on your preference

Sync your vehicle

Step 1 - Log in to the Enterprise app with your Skydio Cloud registered email address and enter the verification code. Ensure that you have a mobile data or wifi connection.
Step 2 - Ensure the vehicle firmware is running at least 14.3.36 or later. If you need to update the firmware, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
Step 3 - Connect to your vehicle
Step 4 - Plug in your vehicle to a power source using the USB-C cable and wall adapter
Step 5 - The vehicle will connect to Skydio Cloud

Access API Tokens

Developer access to Skydio Cloud through API integration (visit Skydio API documentation

    • generate a new API Token
    • access the API documentation

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If you have questions or need additional support—feel free to reach out! Skydio Support


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