Skydio License Management allows you assign Skydio Autonomy Enterprise and 3D Scan to each of your drones allowing for precision control of your Skydio fleet.  

    • Autonomy Enterprise - license assignment required to access advanced software features
    • 3D Scan - Autonomy Enterprise license assignment is a pre-requirement
    • If you have purchased Media Sync visit: How to use Media Sync in Skydio Cloud

Quick Steps

Log in to

    • enter your admin email address
    • enter the verification code sent to your email address

Step 1 - Set up your Skydio account. For instructions, see: Getting Started on Skydio Cloud

    • ensure that you have added Users
    • ensure that you have claimed your Devices

Step 2 - To access licenses:

    • select the Settings menu
    • Select the Licenses tab

The Licenses screen offers information about your Purchase History including: 

    • all active and expired licenses
    • type of license
    • how many licenses have been purchased
    • how many have been assigned
    • how many remain unassigned
    • expiration dates
    • action tiles to assign licenses
    • action tiles to view the vehicles that already have licenses assigned

Step 3 - Select the vehicle icon to view which vehicle has already been assigned the license 


Step 4 - Select the blue card to assign an Autonomy Enterprise license

    • select the vehicle(s) and a list of vehicles that are eligible for the license will populate
    • select one vehicle or select the box next to Eligible Vehicles to assign the license to all of the eligible vehicles

[info text="Autonomy Enterprise for S2+ includes both S2 and S2+ vehicle types"] 


Step 5 - Select the blue card to assign a 3D Scan license

    • you must assign an Autonomy Enterprise license before you can assign a 3D Scan license. 
    • select one vehicle or select the box next to Eligible Vehicles to assign the license to all of the eligible vehicles



Step 6 - Manage licenses

    • select the Settings menu
    • select Devices
    • view the licenses assigned to your vehicles
    • select the three vertical dots to manage licenses
    • assign licenses
    • or unassign licenses so that the license can be reassigned to a different vehicle



Step 7 - Attach the battery to your Skydio drone and power ON

Step 8 - Log into your controlling device using your Skydio Cloud organization registered username and password. 

    • Ensure that your controlling device is connected to a wireless network

Step 9 - Sync your Skydio Cloud features from your controlling device

    • Select INFO
    • Select your drone
    • Select Cloud Settings
  1. Select Download features from Cloud to sync from Skydio Cloud to your controlling device.
  2. Select Sync Settings to Drone to sync Skydio Cloud settings from your controlling device to your drone.

Your controlling device must have an internet connection for the initial license assignment


Cloud settings offer visibility into the licenses that you have assigned to your vehicle, features, and the networks that you have added in Skydio Cloud.  Advanced software licenses and features include:

  • Skydio 2/2+ Autonomy Enterprise
  • Skydio X2E Autonomy Enterprise
  • Skydio 2/2+ 3D Scan
  • Skydio X2E 3D Scan
  • GPS & Telemetry: Live-flight
  • GPS & Telemetry: Post-flight
  • Media Sync


[note text="Both the Devices and Licenses screens will display an alert when a license is within 90 days of expiring. Contact your Skydio Sales Representative to renew your licenses."] 

Have you signed in to your Skydio account?

Go to

    • enter your email address
    • enter the verification code sent to your email address

[note text="Ensure that you are logging in to your mobile device with the same email address that has been provisioned on Skydio Cloud."] 


Have you configured your Skydio account?

You will need to configure your Skydio Cloud account. See Getting Started with Skydio Cloud

    • After you have configured your Skydio Cloud, turn on your controller or launch Skydio Enterprise app, ensure that you are connected to a wireless network so that the controller or mobile device receives the new settings information from Skydio Cloud.
    • Connect the Controller or mobile device to the drone to ensure that your cloud settings are transferred to your drone.

Have you connected to a wireless network?

Select Settings >Network >Add New Network

    • input SSID - the name of your wireless network
    • input the password - you can modify the SSID but not the password. If the password is incorrect you will need to delete the network and add it again.

For more information and detailed instructions see: How to Add a Network 

[warning text="Skydio X2 and Skydio 2+ must be connected to a 5 GHz network to sync media (U-NII-1 and U-NII-3 bands)."]

Is the vehicle claimed in your Skydio account?

View your vehicles on Skydio Cloud in Settings > Devices > Vehicles

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