In addition to being a fully autonomous flying camera with predictive subject tracking, Skydio can also be flown manually while retaining full obstacle avoidance.

To fly freely outside of an autonomous Skill, navigate to Skills Menu > General > Manual.

Manual Controls: Default
Subject Selected
S2_drone-settings_icon.png You may customize these controls by opening the Device Settings menu and selecting the Phone tab

While in manual flight, you may double-tap anywhere on the flight screen to fly directly towards that spot.

Obstacle avoidance is always active when flying manually. Skydio will smoothly route itself around obstacles, ignoring any commands that could potentially cause a collision.

To enable autonomous flight, choose a subject you would like the drone to follow by tapping the ‘+’ icon.

To stop following a subject in any skill, tap the Stop button at the top of the screen. Note that the Stop button will change to a Land button after the drone stops following a subject.


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