Skydio 3D Scan is designed and optimized for outdoor use. Indoor scanning is not currently tested and supported, however our ability to scan in GPS-denied areas and our visual navigation system means you can try out 3D Scan in certain indoor environments.

Follow the guidelines below for conducting a 3D or 2D Capture indoors.

[warning] Read the full Safety and Operating Guide before flying. Only fly in indoor environments that are brightly lit and spacious. Remove any small objects such as papers or plants, as lightweight items may be affected by propeller downwash. We recommend only scanning in spaces with a minimum of 15 ft/4 m ceiling and wall separation. [/warning]

Scanning indoors with 3D Capture

When conducting an indoor 3D Capture, follow the same process for setting a Floor, Ceiling and at least three boundaries to create your scan volume. By default, Skydio will capture all objects inside your scan volume. To capture outer walls, drag the AR pillars to extend the Wall boundaries beyond the walls of the room.

Utilize the Extend Capture Area setting, which allows you to capture images outside your defined volume. If you are executing an indoor capture with large openings or windows, make sure to enable a strict geofence. Skydio will physically stay within this geofence, while still capturing images outside your defined volume.

3D Capture setting recommendations:

  • Enable Extend Capture Area
  • Ensure your “Distance to Surface” is smaller than your Ceiling to Floor separation, Wall to Wall separation, and accounts for Standard Obstacle Avoidance (34 in)
  • Enable Stop for Photo, if the room is not well lit
  • Enable strict geofencing (Strict Walls, Strict Ceiling, Strict Floor)
  • Enable Take Best Photo
  • If needed, define a safe distance to keep Skydio always away from small objects

Scanning indoors with 2D Capture

In addition to 3D Captures, you have the ability to perform indoor scans using the 2D Capture scan mode. Follow the same process for setting a surface and at least three boundaries to create your scan area. If you are unable to fly to the same altitude as your scan plane, try using the drag and drop feature to set the Floor bound.

2D Capture setting recommendations:

  • Ensure your “Distance from plane” is smaller than your Ceiling separation and accounts for Standard Obstacle Avoidance (34 in)

[note] NOTE: Extend Capture Area and Safe Distance are only available during 3D Captures. [/note]

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