Before flying, please read through all of the guidance and suggestions at, as well as the Safety and Operating Guide in your R1 box (“READ BEFORE FLIGHT”), where you’ll find best practices, links to additional content, and regulatory information to enhance safety as well as your overall experience with R1.

Important note: Disregarding the safety instructions above could result in damaging your Skydio product in a way that renders it ineligible for warranty coverage. Meaning, if you aren’t flying safely and your R1 is damaged, we may not be able to help you.

R1 is designed to be tough enough for minor bumps, scratches, and some collisions that don’t result in crashes, but if an unexpected collision or other incident happens during a flight, you’ll want to check your R1 for damage before flying again. This check should include thoroughly cleaning all 13 cameras, replacing any damaged propellers, re-tightening the propeller nuts, plus removing and inspecting the battery to check for dents or other damage. Also, please send your flight logs to the Skydio support team for analysis (Our support team can provide assistance with the process of sending flight logs).

Should a crash or collision occur which disables your R1, please contact our support team. We’ll get to the bottom of the issue and do our best to make it right.

Be sure to contact us BEFORE you fly your R1 again, even if it appears that your R1 is still ok to fly!

For any warranty claims, we may require you to send logs or other data from your R1 to Skydio to verify what happened during the crash. See our warranty for additional details.

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